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Brave Bison and friends hash out the contradictions and myths surrounding a misunderstood generation, and how brands can stay relevant with a new crop.

Hosted by Brave Bison's Commercial Director Jon Kitchen we'll be joined by Chief Creative Officer Will Pyne, a leading influencer, brand and broadcaster to debate and discuss what brads can do to create exciting, engaging and effective content to win over Gen Z....

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. As with every generation before them, Gen Z is often treated like one homogenous group. But some don’t stop there; often brand marketing plans are founded on lazy assumptions and stereotypes.
  2. What we do know is that Gen Z are THE most connected generation yet; they’ve grown up with mobile phones, more consumer choice and much more exposure to the World via that thing we call the internet.
  3. So how do brands tackle this often-misunderstood generation? How do they steer clear of lazy assumptions and stereotypes in order to become relevant and not hated (maybe even loved!)?
  4. How do brands, broadcasters and publishers demonstrate their honesty, authenticity and innovation and show their caring side to get into Gen Z’s good books? After all, it appears corporate responsibility is sexy to the new kids on the block.

Presented with


Amber Doig-Thorne Vlogger, Comedian, Actor
Jonathan Kitchen Commercial Director Brave Bison
Will Pyne Chief Creative Officer Brave Bison
Sarah Lazenby Entertainment Editor Channel 4
Jordan Schwarzenberger Chief Creative Officer James Grant Group

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