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Forget marketing ideals -- let's tackle marketing reality. How do we promote the "ugliest" products and services, the unsexy ones that are either "boring," complex, or undifferentiated from the competition? Kranz will demonstrate -- with real-life examples -- three beautifully practical/tactical ways to overcome each of these three ugly challenges.

As marketers, our daily bread is not the gourmet brand many drool for, but the less appetizing products and services that give us heartburn -- brands that are "boring," complicated, or too similar to the competition. In this session, Kranz offers three practical/tactical ways to effectively address each of these three challenges, supported with real-life examples and success stories. Participants will discover:

* How to uncover the "stakes" that motivate buyer action;
* Ways to leverage topical news to increase brand relevance;
* The case-method approach to making the abstract more concrete;
* A "plumber's magnet" technique to initiate buyer engagement;
* The power of taking a contrarian approach to conventional wisdom;
* Plus four more secrets for turning ugly products into desirable dishes! View Less


Jonathan Kranz Principal Kranz Communications

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