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At Microsoft, we believe the future of computing is Mixed Reality (MR). HoloLens, our first self-contained mixed reality computer brings holograms to the real world, unlocking new insights and capabilities for marketers. Although we're still early in our journey, we're already seeing profound examples of how mixed reality experiences can transform the way we see the world around us – join us to see the world’s first extreme sports mixed reality app for the Red Bull Air Race.

During this session, we'll focus on three critical areas. First, Simon Windsor, Joint Managing Director of Dimension, the first Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio in Europe, will discuss how the technology can capture life in amazing volumetric detail, a true step change in realism. We'll then be joined by Sol Rogers, Founder & CEO of REWIND, who will discuss and demonstrate the world's first extreme sports mixed reality app for the Red Bull Air Race. And finally, we'll discuss the breadth of scenarios that companies can explore across the mixed reality spectrum, and the impact and opportunities MR brings to the role of CMOs and CDOs. View Less

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  1. How marketers can use MR to bring their brands to life
  2. First hand experience of how Red Bull uses MR
  3. Understand the impact Hololens can have on your brand strategy

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Leila Martine Product Marketing Director, Mixed Reality Microsoft
Sol Rogers Founder & CEO Rewind
Simon Windsor Co-Founder and Director Dimension

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