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2017 was year when branded content ht the big screen and brands showed their social conscience. We have the leading lights in branded content. Alistair Campbell from We Are Social talks HSBC with Pride, David Moynihan from block busting content generator, Lego shares his insight. Ann Wixley from Wavemaker and former editor of Empire and Redwood MD Colin Kennedy join the panel.

Moderated by Mike Burgess, Head of MetFilm Creative

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What does the future hold for branded content?
  2. What happens when brands demonstrate their social conscience?
  3. What does being 'authentic' mean?
  4. Can a brand really tell a story without trying to sell us something? And should they?
  5. Can a feature film be 'branded content'?


Mike Burgess Creative Director Metfilm Creative
Alistair Campbell executive creative director We Are Social
Colin Kennedy MD/CCO Redwood
David Moynihan Editor in Chief Lego
Ann Wixley Executive Creative Director Wavemaker

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Event Type Seminar

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Similar Interests  Storytelling   Content   Production   Video 

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