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Sales directors and marketing chiefs hear ad tech pitches day in and day out. What will get their attention and stop their eyes glazing over at the first slide on the pitch deck? Get the inside track on what the decision-makers really want to know when hearing a sales pitch in this panel, featuring senior executives from Channel 4, Car Throttle, The Guardian, Hearst Magazines and The Pangea Alliance.

The decision-makers didn’t reach their positions by being susceptible to smoke and mirrors or being unable to determine snake oil from business-critical tech. Everyone is trying to sell their tech to media owners and marketing directors but without insight into what is really going to make a difference to their business and the proof points necessary to clinch a deal, it’s wasted effort.

This panel, brought to you by Propeller, PR, Content and Events specialist for media & tech,
will critique ad tech vendors’ sales techniques and give some hard-hitting advice. It’s a must-attend for anyone in sales in ad/martech looking to get through the door and talk the language of the C-suite.
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  1. We now live in an information-driven world and the old adage “People buy from people” may not hold the weight it once did
  2. Ensure your back story stacks up
  3. Make sure any case studies are relevant to the individual buyer
  4. GDPR data protection regulations become law on May 25th. Publishers and brands will have to up their game on collating, storing and using customer data and they will expect their tech partners to operate to the same high standard.
  5. When the rubber hits the road and you are called upon to show your kit in a private demo, it had better damn work.
  6. Tenacity is required.
  7. A good story is worth its weight in gold.


Martin Loat Founder Propeller - PR, Content, Events for media & tech
Adnan Ebrahim Founder & CEO Car Throttle
Jonathan Lewis Head of Partnerships & Digital Innovation Channel 4
Fiona Mckinnon General Manager The Pangaea Alliance (inc. CNN, Reuters, Fast Company)
Guljeet Samra Digital Commercial Operations Director Hearst Magazines
Daniel Spears Programmatic Director The Guardian

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