Kathryn Jacob

Kathryn is CEO of Pearl & Dean and in her pre-cinema life she worked in national newspapers, magazines and radio. After the sale of Virgin Radio she worked in a cross-platform role, at Scottish Media Group, which encompassed television, posters, radio and cinema. Obviously wanting to spend her life eating popcorn and watching films, she joined Pearl & Dean as CEO. Since then, Pearl & Dean has started selling ads on planes, in theatre (a first that won a Media Week Award) and partnering up with pop-up cinemas to bring an upmarket and discerning audience to brands outside of the cinema walls. If that wasn’t enough, new initiatives include film partnerships and product placement. Outside of work Kathryn sits on the board of Women’s Aid, the Development Board at RADA and the Council of the Advertising Association. She’s also a member of WACL and is on the Government Expert Group on Body Confidence. She has two children, a lovely husband and not enough hours in the day.
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