Dr. Markus Düttmann

Dr Markus Düttmann has helped put data at the heart of everything DCMN does. Together with his colleague Dr Heiko Schmidle, he leads the company’s fast-growing team of data scientists, which overseas the integration of data-driven approaches in all of DCMN’s work, from advertising technology development to marketing campaign optimisation.

Dr Düttmann came to DCMN after the company bought realzeit, a Berlin-based adtech startup that he co-founded with Dr Schmidle and Christian Graf. A programmatic DSP, realzeit was a real-time bidding platform built on complex algorithms for targeting potential customers, optimising budgets, and clustering inventory and users.

Before joining DCMN, Dr Düttmann worked in online fashion giant Zalando’s data intelligence team applying machine learning methods to marketing problems, and as a scientific consultant for an online gaming community. He holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the Technical University of Berlin.

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