Marie Owen

For Marie Owen, the CEO and owner of Edinburgh-based service production company, LS Productions, the average working day is “varied, chaotic, unpredictable, surprising and a constant learning curve.”

LS Productions, which she founded as Location Scotland in 2006, has since grown into the go-to agency for national and international creatives wishing to set their fashion shoots, TV commercials and music videos in Scotland and the North of England.

Marie is a true force of nature, having worked tirelessly to put Scotland and the North of England on the map for brands including Burberry, British Vogue, Lufthansa and Volvo.

Growth has been impressive over the past three years. With the inception of a motion production department, three new LS Productions offices - in New York, London and Manchester - and the forging of international partnerships the company is looking forward to an exciting future. Marie has focused on building the company’s skills and knowledge base, and on creating a team of professionals who share her passion, drive and unstinting commitment to every client and project.

As CEO Marie sees her role as one of maximising talent and results. “I describe myself as a conductor of a world-class orchestra. It’s my job to set the tone and culture of the business. I aim to be ambitious, realistic and honest and keep my focus on the bigger picture.”
Marie was nominated for this year’s EY ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and has been shortlisted for RBS’s Great British Entrepreneur Awards as ‘Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the Year’.

Prior to life at LS Productions Marie worked for 9 years as an air hostess for Air UK. She married her fashion photographer husband John Owen in 1999 and is mother to their 3 children. A native of Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Marie is a keen runner having participated in several charity-running events. In her rare down time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends at Peasebay drinking wine and putting the world to rights

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