David Angelo

An American Advertising Federation Hall of Achievement Inductee, David has consistently challenged convention by developing highly innovative and effective advertising for a diverse list of marketers including Coca-Cola, Lexus, Kia Motors, Reebok, NFL, Bacardi, Universal Studios, Little Caesars, Jack in the Box, among others.

In 1999, he founded David&Goliath on the belief that he could create a very distinct and different culture capable of taking on the toughest marketing Goliaths out there. That no matter how big or small you are, we all have Goliaths that keep us from realizing our true potential. The key is to be inspiring. To be relentless. To ignite the challenger spirit in all of us that’s capable of overcoming any obstacle.

David has garnered more than 400 of the industry’s most prestigious awards, including Cannes Lions, One Show, Clios, Effies and was named one of 4A’s 100 People Who Make Advertising Great.

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