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In this session, join Hearts & Science President for P&G business in New York, Zach Treuhaft as he explores how brands can navigate these turbulent times, and sail towards success.

Brands face a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ when it comes to connecting with consumers: They LACK THE DATA and tools needed to plan against an increasingly untrackable audience, the content they can reach audiences in is often low-quality at best or FRAUDULENT AT WORST and consumers are increasingly AD-BLIND anyway, addicted to apps and utilities.

Nearly half millenials and GenXers do not watch any traditional TV. And in Mexico, even as they may be watching it, their attention deviates through other devices instead. Only 48% of them all navigate in something related to the content they are watching on TV. And this number is decreasing.

There are brands that have drastically reduced their apparition in multitude of online websites... and their business results are exactly the same. Thus, growing skeptical on where is their advertising appearing.

And when all these barriers are solved, post-millenials are ad-blind. Yes, they may be a lot of time online, but they are at apps and utilities where advertising is actively blocked-out. And they are aware and happy with that.

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Zak Treuhaft President P&G Business Hearts & Science Worldwide

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