Alejandra González

In a world where digital video continues to grow year on year and where platforms like YouTube amass a community of over 1 billion users monthly across the globe, Content Creators prove to be a key pillar in the ecosystem. Alejandra is in charge of leading strategic relations with Top Creators (also known as 'Youtubers') for the North LatAm Region. With a customer first approach, Alejandra focuses in translating key market insights and platform data to content business objectives for top partners. Skills she has developed and strengthened in her previous sales roles both as an Education Account Manager for large client sales in Google and as Sales Director in a fast growing start up called Kiwilimon.

Videos engage with every audience, Youtube gives every creator a voice. That is what Alejandra feels more passionate about, finding innovative ways to engage with viewers, creators and partners in this complex yet evolving landscape.

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