Karen Velázquez

Karen Velazquez, better known as Karen Polinesia, is one of the three sibilings called Los Polinesios. Los Polinesios have been considered one of the biggest and most influential YouTube Creators in Spanish Speaking Latin America. They've amassed over 30 million subscribers in YouTube and many millions more in other social media platforms. Their mission is to entertain the world with powerful, impactful and engaging content. These three siblings are co-founders and owners of Polynesian Group where Branded Content, Merch Products, Live Tours and more become the main pillars of their business.

Karen Polinesia graduated from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional majoring as a Transportation Engineer. She is passionate about creating content, but she enjoys the most, the strategy behind it's business. Authentic is the best way to describer her, value that she portrays both in her content and business. This is why the audience and brands loves her.

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