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Mobile usage across numerous retail touchpoints continues to gain popularity, and though most shoppers find the idea of using their phone while shopping appealing, many have yet to adopt it or lack interest beyond price checking. While technology should never lead mobile campaigns, it does help personalize it. This panel will go over how the shopper is interacting with their phone before, during and after shopping, discuss technologies being used to bridge mobile and retail, and show examples of what is and isn’t working.

Some of the technologies being used allow smartphones to “tap” against another object to trigger action or exchange information, or deliver targeted messages and promotions to shoppers in real time, but what are the shopper barriers to overcome to increase engagement? How can these technologies help mobile seamlessly align with shoppers’ objectives without being intrusive? How do marketers harness both the technology and shoppers mobile behaviors to drive sales in-store?

Listen to retail and mobile industry experts talk about the importance of putting the shopper first and tailoring mobile marketing and available and emerging technologies around the shopper’s behavior.
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Naushad Huda CEO XTOPOLY
Sanjiv Goyal CEO Droisys Inc.
Gustav Hoffman Senior Director of Global Commercial Technology Solutions Kellogg Company
Morgan McAlenney SVP of Digitail® The Integer Group
Jill Anderson Field Account Director The Integer Group

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