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When done with the right amount of savvy, leveraging insights across devices leads to more accurate, effective and efficient audience targeting and a truer picture of your consumer. And the imperative of audience intelligence is even greater when marketing to the high-end consumer. Join cross-screen media tech leader Are Traasdahl, Tapad Founder and CEO, and Scott Martino, Marketing Analytics Lead, Mercedes-Benz, USA, as they look at the power of consumer insights and analytics for marketing a luxury brand.

Within an open conversation on the opportunities for big luxury brands marketing across screens, Traasdahl and Martino offer solutions to the challenges of cross-screen intelligence, highlight the wins in taking a unified approach to measurement, and discuss how a real-world of the consumer can ultimately provide a much greater return on your marketing investment. View Less

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Scott Martino Marketing Analytics Lead Mercedes-Benz
Are Traasdahl Founder & CEO Tapad

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