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Digital video is transforming – for the better – as consumers are speedily adopting multiple screens and devices. However, the industry’s inexperience with metrics standards for video is preventing marketers from leveraging its full potential.

Join Exponential as they reveal why marketers should not measure video buying like TV, why we need a metric that is more telling of the user experience, and ultimately, how an engagement methodology is critical to aligning incentives for brands, publishers, and consumers.

Instinctively, we rely on the metrics we’re comfortable with; with digital video, marketers naturally looked to its older sibling – television. It’s easy and more efficient, we say, to use TV’s traditional Gross Rating Points (GRPs) when we get overwhelmed with multiple screens, attempting to unite them together under one measurement. It’s not an unreasonable expectation. But is it the right one? View Less

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Doug Conely Chief Strategy Officer Exponential Interactive

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