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Companies have to find a better way to be influential in the World and they can do this by finding an authentic brand voice that resonates clearly and allows people to serve as their ambassadors. But, in order to be this way, we have to redefine what "Marketing" and a "Brand" truly means.

We are entering a new technological stage of the "Age of Digitalization," where everything and everyone will be connecting and sharing news, knowledge, experiences, and opinions. For the first time in history, people will know everything that is happening around the World, in real-time. This dramatic change will result in a huge powershift from companies and brands to customers. Brands who want to be successful will need to have a relevant truth, and they'll need to deliver substantial and real value on every touch point with their customers.
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Jim Cooper Editorial Director Adweek
Nancy Hill President & CEO 4A's
Rob Horton Vice President of Marketing Glidden
Jeremy Levine SVP, Digital Sales Live Nation
Mark O'Brien President DDB North America

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