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Location based marketing is not new but the range of applications and the number of brands investing in these programs has recently accelerated, driven largely by technologies such as iBeacon, people analytics and the rise of “the internet of things”. Agencies, brands and tech startups have all been quick to see the opportunity and have now started to roll out significant programs which are breaking new ground in delivering location aware services and content.

Given this investment is not insignificant the potential to drive growth must also be substantial. Early innovators include retail, entertainment and sports brands who clearly see a significant opportunity if they can capture a location aware "moment of truth" with their customers.

The panel, moderated by Econsultancy's EVP, Craig Hanna, will discuss why ‘location’ has become so important to marketers, what lessons we can learn from industry pioneers and what the future might hold.

Topics for discussion
- What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of the various technologies that enable location based marketing?
- How do you ensure that you are creating engaging experiences that customers want and add business value?
- What does the future hold for location based marketing, especially in the context of ubiquitous smart phones, extensive free wifi and the growth on the "internet of things" and wearable tech? View Less

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Craig Hanna EVP Econsultancy
Derek Fridman Group Creative Director Huge
Katherine Hays CEO Vivoom
Elisa Padilla Senior Vice President, Global Marketing Brooklyn Nets Barclays Center

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