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Can shock tactics be used to create meaningful engagement? Should creatives challenge their clients to be braver? Can you ever go too far?

These are some of the questions the Shockumentary sets out to answer with the expert insight of creatives John Jessup (formerly Leo Burnett) and Marc Lewis (School of Communication Arts) as well as no-nonsense brands BrewDog, Peta and Death Cigarettes.

Join us, to share your views and experiences on shock tactics in advertising and hear from our esteemed Drum panel.

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Dave Birss Editor-at-Large The Drum
Gordon Young Editor & Co-Founder The Drum
Louisa St Pierre Head of Integrated Media Bernstein & Andriulli
Richard Kosinski President Unruly
Matt Ian Executive Creative Director TBWAChiatDay New York

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Event Type Seminar

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