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We have unprecedented access to data and measurement tools. For the multi-billion dollar advertising and media industry, this means leveraging data to connect with consumers in powerful new ways. The Data Congress unites an all-star lineup to detail how data and analytics drive performance and the bottom line.

Data Congress presented by Verizon

2:15 PM - 2:20 PM: Opening Remarks by Verizon

Stephanie Bauer Marshall, Director, Precision Market Insights, Verizon Wireless

2:20 PM - 2:50 PM: A Conversation with Gamut
Marketers and advertisers can achieve great success when they leverage data to support their initiatives. But translating consumer insight into action can be a complicated process. In this year’s Data Congress, Gamut brings together leaders in global data for a discussion on best practices for data-driven advertising, and formulas for using consumer insight to create campaigns that are targeted and ultimately more effective. Our featured panelists will cover a range of topics, including: working with data partners, developing research programs that support sales, marketing and product development, in addition to the contextualization, synthesis and visualization of data.

Rachel DiCola, Senior Director of Research and Consumer Insights, Gamut
Rick Erwin, President, Consumer Insights & Targeting, Experian Marketing Services
Josh Knauer, CEO, Rhiza
Aastha Parikh, Director, Marketing Solutions, comScore, Inc.
Zach Sharek, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Civic Science

2:50 PM - 3:20 PM: Success Stories in Cross-Screen Advertising: Cutting through the data clutter to find the right audience
In today’s mobile advertising and cross screen ecosystem, there are widely known challenges holding back brands and agencies from achieving their goals. Issues like identity, measurement and cross-device targeting have not been solved, and the whole industry is feeling the impact.

Data has long been considered the answer to these problems, but what does that look like? How can we turn “data-driven marketing” from a buzzword into an actionable strategy?

In this panel presentation, hear a tactical discussion from executives at Verizon, and their brand clients, about how data is incorporated into both the strategy and execution of mobile and digital advertising campaigns, and learn how data can truly impact the bottom line

Moderator: Praveen Atreya, Executive Director of Network and Technology, Verizon
Alan Silverberg, Vice President of Media Platforms, Moxie
David Fontanez, Associate Director, Head of Digital Media, Verizon Wireless

3:20 PM - 4:00 PM: Data Congress Roundtable
A roundtable discussion on the present and future of big data.

Moderator: Jeremy Cornfeldt, President, iProspect
Rick Erwin, President of Consumer Insights & Targeting, Experian Marketing Services
Anthony Iacovone, CEO, AdTheorent
Ashok Srivastava, Chief Data Scientist, Verizon
Ben Tatta,President, Media Sales, Cablevision View Less

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Jeremy Cornfeldt President iProspect
Praveen Atreya Executive Director of Network and Technology Verizon
Stephanie Bauer Marshall Director, Precision Market Insights Verizon Wireless
Rachel DiCola Senior Director, Research & Consumer Insights Gamut
Rick Erwin President, Consumer Insights & Targeting Experian Marketing Services
David Fontanez Head of Digital Media Verizon Wireless
Anthony Iacovone Founder and Chief Executive Officer AdTheorent
Josh Knauer CEO Rhiza
Aastha Parikh Director, Marketing Solutions comScore, Inc.
Zach Sharek Director of Strategy and Innovation Civic Science
Alan Silverberg Vice President of Media Platforms Moxie
Ashok Srivastava Chief Data Scientist Verizon
Ben Tatta President, Cablevision Media Sales Cablevision Systems Corporation

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