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The goal to harness fan culture is not new, but with the boom of digital media, the influence and revenue potential of a brand’s most passionate advocates, or ‘super fans’, has become an ever-more important growth driver and more entertainment and media companies are now paying attention. In this session, a global brand, a live events company, a popular piece of content and a super fan of a well-known sports team will discuss the power of the super fan to impact brands and how they help brand growth.

Today’s super fans express enthusiasm and commitment in a variety of ways: there are ‘super subscribers’ who are willing to pay extra for ‘value add’ premium experiences; there are vocal advocates, who are active in social media or engage in product development; there are ‘quiet advocates’ who are equally committed and want to get closer to the brands they love, and many more. Each persona of super fan should be treated differently to realize their social and economic potential. Our panelists will shed light on the opportunities and challenges of harnessing super fans, and monetization strategies. View Less

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Russell Sapienza Partner, Entertainment, Media & Communications Advisory PwC
Seth Rabinowitz SVP, Marketing & Fan Engagement New York Jets
Lance Fensterman Executive Director New York Comic Con
Nav Bhatia Super Fan TORONTO RAPTORS
Greg Braun Executive Creative Director INNOCEAN USA

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