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Classical Marketing vs. Chaos: Which is winning these days? It’s hard to chuck everything we’ve learned about marketing and jump into the icy waters of Real-Time Marketing and the social swim. So, what’s a marketer to do? Along with a few fearless friends from GE, Droga5 and Quirky, Inc., Mondelez International will explore the boundaries of what it means to be Fearless in today’s world. Strategy vs Intuition. Data vs Improv. You be the judge. (Rumor has it presenters Dana Anderson and Bonin Bough plan a joint improv riff on a fearless future with participation from the audience.)

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Dana Anderson Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Mondelez International
Bonin Bough VP, Global Media & Consumer Engagement Mondelez International
Jill Baskin VP, Global Strategy & Communications Mondelez International
Linda Boff Executive Director, Global Brand Marketing GE
Kevin Brady Executive Creative Director Droga5
Bret Kovacs Head of Community Quirky, Inc.
Gary Osifchin Sr. Marketing Director Mondelez.

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