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In today’s oversaturated advertising market, how can you increase engagement and brand loyalty to drive higher returns on your mobile marketing spend? Full sensory 3D experiences on mobile are taking advertising to a different dimension and driving unprecedented engagement rates. Learn how some of the world’s most innovative brands including Jeep, Ford, ESPN and Expedia are creating realistic 3D mobile ads that enable customers to engage with their products in ways never before possible.

In this session, you will discover:
· How to incorporate 3D advertising experiences on mobile for your customers
· How immersive 3D ad campaigns can create “showroom” experiences that wow customers and increase brand engagement and retention in the process
· How to create interactive experiences for your customers today, and discover what’s next in technology for truly immersive brand experiences View Less

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Paul DeGrote U.S. Creative Director Amobee
Yehonatan Koenig Product Director, Amobee 3D Amobee

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