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Native has become a hot topic in the advertising marketplace, but for the practice to flourish further, it needs consensus on definitions and structure. Experts from leading media companies determine best practices and strategies for native advertising that is successful and well-made.

3:00 - 3:20PM: Introduction
Dan Greenberg CEO and Co-Founder, Sharethrough

3:25 -3:45PM GE Presents
Sam Olstein Global Director of Innovation, GE

3:50 - 4:20 PM The Role of the Agency in the Native Era
Gian LaVecchia Managing Partner, Digital Content Marketing North America, MEC
Patrick Keane, President, Sharethrough
John McCarus Senior Vice President, Social Content, Digitas
Chris Paul Global Director, Paid Media, Edelman

4:25 - 4:55 PM One Year Later: Building In-Feed Advertising Products
Moderator: Mike Shields Senior Editor, The Wall Street Journal
Jonathan Lister North American Sales, VP of Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn
Scott Shapiro Ads Product Marketing, Facebook
Dan Greenberg CEO, Sharethrough
Tom Giovingo Audience Sales Director, Yahoo

4:55 - 5:20PM The Convergence of RTB, Programmatic, and Native
Moderator: Alex Kantrowitz Reporter, AdAge
Tims Sims GM, Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk
Curt Larson Director Of Product, Sharethrough
Josh Jacobs Global CEO, Accuen President, Digital Platforms and Partnerships, OMG

5:20 - 5:40PM Keynote
Chris Schraft President, Content Solutions, Time Inc.

5:40 - 6:00PM Music, Sports, and Games
Moderator: Chris Schreiber VP of Marketing and Communications, Sharethrough
Michele Tobin VP of Advertising, Rovio
Bill Clifford Chief Revenue Officer, SessionM
Jack Krawczyk Director of Product Management, Pandora

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Alex Kantrowitz Reporter Advertising Age
Christopher Schraft President, Content Solutions Time Inc.
Bill Clifford CRO SessionM
Tom Giovingo Audience Sales Director Yahoo
Dan Greenberg CEO Sharethrough
Patrick Keane President Sharethrough
Josh Jacobs President Accuen, Omnicom
Jack Krawczyk Dir. Product Management Pandora
Curt Larson Director of Product Sharethrough
Gian LaVecchia Managing Partner, Digital Content Marketing North America MEC
Jamie Leece VP, Games MLBAM
Jonathan Lister North America Sales, VP of Marketing Solutions LinkedIn
John McCarus Senior Vice President, Social Content Digitas
Sam Olstein Global Director of Innovation GE
Chris Paul Global Director, Paid Media Edelman
Chris Schreiber VP of Marketing & Communications Sharethrough
Scott Shapiro Manager, Ads Product Marketing Facebook
Mike Shields Senior Editor, CMO Today The Wall Street Journal
Tim Sims GM, Inventory Partnerships The Trade Desk
Michele Tobin VP Global Advertising Rovio

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