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There are 100 million Internet radio listeners on mobile. Half the time they are listening while on the go and can't interact with a screen because they are driving, walking, exercising or working. Ultramobile behaviors make these mobile audio consumers hard to reach with display or rich media advertising. See how industry innovators are creating engagement on audio channels by leveraging voice and other engagements to drive measurable ad conversions.

Mobile advertising has grown quickly on Internet radio but has been plagued by a consumer engagement gap. Where are the big audiences and how can you break through the clutter to connect consumers with your brand offers? Internet radio on mobile will exceed 100 million listeners this year. It’s a big market with an attractive audience profile, but new consumer habits have made effective advertising methods elusive. Join our conversation with the key players shaping the Internet radio advertising landscape and delivering the engagement technologies such as interactive audio services that convert ultramobile listeners into customers even while on the go. Learn why the emerging ultramobile habits can’t be ignored by marketers and the lessons that help drive engagement and conversions. View Less

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Pat Higbie CEO XAPPmedia
Mark Bergen Journalist Advertising Age
Cathy Csukas President AdLarge
Brian Benedik Vice President Global Ad Sales Spotify
Bryan Moffett Vice President Digital Strategy and Sponsorship Ops NPR

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