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In recent years, ground-breaking scientific research has shown that the most effective way to change people’s minds is through story—and the more immersive the story, the better the result. Join marketing and communications maven Paul Woolmington and author Frank Rose for a special forum on harnessing the power of narrative.

What were the most immersive experiences of the past year? We pick five winners in film, television, art, technology, and retail, exploring why they worked—and how.
Paul Woolmington, Advisor and Angel; Co-founder, Naked Communications Americas
Frank Rose, Author, The Art of Immersion

On Tuesday, October 21, Paul and Frank will lead a full-day Columbia University executive seminar on Immersive Storytelling Strategy at New York’s Soho House. Why is digital forcing a transformation in the way stories are told, even in the analog world? How can marketers and producers leverage these changes rather than being left behind? Join us for a preview of this hands-on intensive.
Frank Rose, Author, The Art of Immersion
Ira Deutchman, Founder, Fine Line Features and Chair, Film Program, Columbia University
Lance Weiler, Co-founder, Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab and Creative Director, BODY/MIND/CHANGE
Moderator: Paul Woolmington

How do you go from simply telling a story to creating a world that people can dive into and explore at will? In a series of wide-ranging conversations, we get answers from some of the most inventive and accomplished people in the field.
Susan Bonds, Co-founder and CEO, 42 Entertainment,
Jeff Raider, Co-founder, Warby Parker and Co-founder and Co-CEO, Harry's
Felix Barrett, Founder and Artistic Director, Punchdrunk and Co-director, Sleep No More,
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Paul Woolmington Advisor, Advocate, Angel, Co-Founder Naked Communications Americas
Melissa Barnes Head of Global Brands Twitter
Felix Barrett Founder & Artistic Director; Co-Director Punchdrunk; "Sleep No More"
Susan Bonds Co-Founder & CEO 42 Entertainment
Ira Deutchman Managing Director, Emerging Pictures, and Chair Film Program, Columbia University
Jeff Raider Co-Founder & CEO Warby Parker; Harry's
Frank Rose Correspondent Wired
Lance Weiler Co-Founder; Creative Director Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab; BODY/MIND/CHANGE

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