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The rise of new technologies and the shift in the way ads are bought, sold and measured online has born a new sense of urgency to winning the attention of consumers, and creating standardized measurements for that attention. Moderated by Lucia Moses, Sr. Editor Digiday, hear from true[X] CEO Joe Marchese along with Jonah Goodhart, CEO MOAT, Ash Kalb, Co-Founder, White Ops and Pandora discuss the dramatic proliferation of new digital ad formats and the challenges the industry faces as a result

In this session, we'll explore the following:
-- The explosion of consumer choice and the saturation of media and content
-- The two-second rule: current digital IAB measurement standards, and what they mean for advertisers
-- What can we do about the not-so-subtle and insidious way we tolerate ad fraud?
-- How can Publishers help brands, agencies and ad tech target the right audience at the right time with the right message and greater accountability?
-- The role of automated and programmatic advertising technologies: will it replace the media buying and planning process?
-- How can advertisers engage in programmatic buying while preserving creativity and quality? View Less

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Joe Marchese CEO true[X]

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