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In the not too distant future, sophisticated customer management technology will be readily available to mass retailers, and the speed at which new data is collected will unlock the secrets of an individual's real-time behavior. Are you ready for the next wave of industry disruption - the Marketing Revolution? In this session, we will explore the new technologies and their impact on the future of customer experience marketing.

We will also share insights from PwC’s recent consumer intelligence research study comprised of quantitative and qualitative data (targeted survey, focus groups and online social listening campaign) around the topic of consumer behaviors and preferences for wearable technology, including brand perception, cultural markers, shifts in values, adoption behaviors and usage patterns. View Less

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Andrea Fishman Partner, Digital Services PwC
David Clarke Partner, Digital Services PwC
Andrew Markowitz Director, Global Digital Strategy GE
Mark Donovan Chief Operating Officer Thinaire
Jordan Grossman US Head of Sales Waze

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