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What is The New Creativity? How does disruption in our industry force the move away from advertising units to advertising products, and create completely new forms of output? And what exactly will those be? What does The New Creativity look like and how does it work?

Come hear from, interact with and join Cindy Gallop and a bunch of creative rabble-rousers and deviants as they design new advertising approaches and products for the Facebooks, Googles, Oculuses, Twitters and Buzzfeeds of the digital world, not the other way round.

Be there or be very, very square. To paraphrase Daenerys Targaryen of 'Game Of Thrones': "You can live in our new world, or die in your old one." :)
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Cindy Gallop Founder and CEO Make Love Not Porn / If We Ran the World
Heidi Hackemer Founder and Director Wolf & Wilhelmine
Caprice Yu Former Executive Creative Director Sid Lee (New York)
Farrah Bostic Founder The Difference Engine
Thas Naseemuddeen VP, Group Strategy Director Deutsch LA

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Track  Dynamic Women 

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