Mark O'Brien

Mark O’Brien first joined DDB in 1994. As CFO Omnicom joint venture formed by DDB, Tracy-Locke and Rapp Collins, he was instrumental in establishing the business unit as a new profit center during the industry’s infancy in 1995, effectively founding one of the industry’s first digital agencies. During that time, O’Brien also established one of the first and most ambitious pay-for-performance arrangements of its kind with a major telecommunications company. After joining DDB’s corporate staff in 1998, in addition to spearheading the network’s acquisitions and negotiations with major clients, O’Brien laid out the blueprint for formally establishing Tribal DDB, which remains ten years later one of the most awarded and influential digital agencies. In 2001 O’Brien became CFO of DDB North America and Asia Pacific, where he helped to quickly develop and establish DDB in the region. Mark assumed the role of COO in 2009, and in 2010, he was named President of North America.

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