Chris Pitre

Chris Pitre, Director of Strategic Planning at Astadia, plans and proposes the digital marketing initiatives and experiences designed for global clients like HP, Microsoft, and Vodafone, across mobile, social, and web channels. During his time at Astadia, Chris has pioneered the social media practice by uncovering and relying on key user insights. Those insights lead to the successful delivery of key social and integrated experiences that meet the needs of the business and the behaviors of the user. Chris stays current with the mobile and social web, continuing to educate and update clients, as well as students of the Houston School of Advertising, on new possibilities and user norms, expectations, and behaviors.

Prior to Astadia, Chris has worked at web and mobile development firms, as well as traditional advertising agencies, with brands across fashion, quick-serve food, tech, energy, and healthcare industries. Chris has a BBA in Marketing from The George Washington University, where he studied marketing and communications.

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