Mitch Barns

Mitch Barns has served as Chief Executive Officer of Nielsen since January 2014.

Throughout 2013, Mitch served as President, Global Client Service, leading the efforts of Nielsen’s Watch and Buy client service teams worldwide to bring innovative solutions to clients. Before that, Mitch was President of Nielsen’s U.S. Media business from 2011-2013, where he oversaw the development of its analytics practice, integrated its TV and Digital groups, and guided the transformation of the unit’s client service model to focus on driving performance improvement and value for Nielsen’s clients. From 2008-2011, Mitch served as President of Nielsen’s Greater China business where he led its transition to a fast-growing, stand-alone region. In the early 2000s, he was President of Nielsen’s BASES and Analytic Consulting businesses, which have since become the core of the company’s growing insights services. He first joined the company as part of Nielsen BASES in 1997, where he held various senior pos

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