James Aitken

A dynamic, energetic leader within the programmatic marketing community, James Aitken is a spirited entrepreneur with a proven track record of building successful companies and exceeding revenue goals.

In 2007, James set up The Exchange Lab, which has become the world’s largest programmatic digital media marketplace. As Co-Founder and CEO, James helped build the privately held company from a start-up in the UK to an international player that now serves more than 300 clients across over 50 markets worldwide with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto and Istanbul.

James is also Chairman of Aitken Investments, where he operates the venture capital group, which invests in start-up digital media businesses. Investments thus far include: The Exchange Lab, The Trade Desk, Appsavvy, Adconion. Other investments include Olliffe Meats, Northern Natural Holdings and City Financial group.

Prior to starting The Exchange Lab, James founded MediaBrokers & Atlas Europe in the UK in 2001. Both businesses were acquired by aQuantive L.L.C. and ultimately, by Microsoft in June 2007.

Previously, James was Media Director for Avenue A Media in London after being part of the initial start-up & IPO of Avenue A Media in Seattle, USA in 1998. James is originally from Canada where his previous career was in reforestation. In 1993, he co-founded and managed Renaissance Reforestation before selling the business in 1996. Reforestation is an ongoing passion, but nowadays instead of planting trees on a cost per thousand, James plants online ads on a cost per thousand.
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