Pete Stein

Pete Stein serves as Global CEO of Razorfish, a digital agency focused on business transformation. As the Global CEO, Pete leads Razorfish's nearly 3,000 employees in the Shanghai, Hong Kong, India, Australia, UK, Germany and the US. Pete has a passion for exploring new territory and feels fortunate that the world is full of expanding opportunities at this moment.

First lured to the digital world by the disruptive force of the internet browser back in 1996, Pete continues to champion technologies that change what customers expect from businesses. He is energized by disruptive technologies and sees their direct relation to a world of new and different possibilities.

Prior to being CEO, Pete oversaw the strategic direction and operations of Razorfish’s New York and Boston offices as East Region President. Pete worked with the agency’s top clients, including Mercedes-Benz, Citibank, UNIQLO, Unilever, Ford Motor Company, T. Rowe Price, and Starwood Hotels — brands that have embraced winning through digital. Pete continues to enjoy working with these clients as well as Microsoft, Nike and Delta Airlines. In addition to working with amazing brands, Pete has also played a part in launching new-to-the-world digital businesses such as Hulu and Bundle.

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