Kyle West

Kyle West is a Director within Verizon's Emerging Product Group leading commercialization of Verizon's Advertising Solutions branded as “Precision Market Insights”. Currently he leads Sales, Business Development and Precision Operations.

Precision Market Insights is for Brands, Agencies and Partners that are trying to achieve greater addressability with their advertising solutions. Leveraging the world of “Big Data” the Precision Solutions can be used to reach the right audiences on mobile through demographic, interest and geographic targeting and enables advertisers to use their own data to reach target audiences on their mobile devices. Privacy-safe and accurate, the Precision Solutions powers more impactful, data-driven marketing at scale, driving better ROI for our partners.

Kyle has over 25 years of experience in developing highly motivated organizations through transparent business leadership. He has demonstrated the value of focused people leadership that creates organizational agility that people aspire to join while delivering superior customer satisfaction and year-over-year growth.

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