Scott Goodson

Scott Goodson, founder of movement marketing agency StrawberryFrog and author of best seller 'Uprising: How to build a brand and change the world by sparking Cultural Movements' (McGraw-Hill).

Scott Goodson and his StrawberryFrog colleagues have found the secret to plugging into Purpose with a capital P: find out what moves people to action, then create a way to support and enhance that movement with your product, service or craft. I call that a winning strategy.” -Daniel H Pink , Author of Drive and A Whole New Mind.

Uprising is a must-read for anyone who wants to start a mass movement like Macintosh. Whether you’re one person with an idea or a global brand, Scott can show you the way to enchant, evangelize and enroll followers. ” - Guy Kawasaki, Author of Enchantment and Former Chief Evangelist of Apple.

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