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When the planet’s future is at stake, attention must be paid. That’s why companies and consumers are coming together like never before to make a difference. Music is proving to be a unifying global force as performers like Pearl Jam, Beyoncé and Coldplay mobilize millions of fans to support causes they care about. And companies like Citi, Unilever, Virgin and T-Mobile are providing resources to make those connections possible. This panel will discuss new rules of engagement between bands and brands.

The causes are many: End poverty and hunger. Provide quality education, renewable energy and clean water, positive climate action and much more. Driving positive change is not simply the right thing to do. It’s good business:
· 69% of global millennials want companies to make it easier for consumers to get involved with issues
· 90% are willing to switch from one brand to another (price being equal) if one supports a cause
· After learning a company is socially and/or environmentally responsible:
- 83% are likely to trust the company more
- 79% are likely to purchase the company’s products
- 66% will recommend its products or services
It’s no wonder corporate cause sponsorship is expected to grow 3.7% in 2015 to $1.92 billion.
To be effective, companies must create meaningful programs that engage millennials. Organizations like Global Citizen, MAC Presents and so many performers recognize the power of the playlist where music is making a difference. View Less

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Andrew Hampp VP, Brand Strategist MAC Presents
Marcie Allen Founder & President MAC Presents
Estelle GRAMMY Award Winning Artist
Hugh Evans CEO Global Poverty Project
Greg Holden Singer/Songwriter

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