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As consumers continue to engage with premium content across more screens and formats buyers are challenged to access their target audiences in an efficient and effective way at scale. At the same time, publishers are looking for the best way to monetize their connections with consumers across devices. This session will discuss best practices for handling the multi-screen challenge including cross device id, attribution, and targeting consumers across mobile, video and native.

Publishing and advertising is moving towards a more dynamic future that includes the rapid and widespread targeting of audiences across many different ad formats and devices. As brands and publishers look to follow the consumer from traditional media to mobile, video and native content across all screens they will need to ensure they have the ability to strategically engage consumers at each of these touch points. Executing successfully in this multi-screen world involves addressing critical technological and business challenges including cross device ID, attribution, targeting, analytics and consumer experience. In this session, experts will discuss best practices for buyers and publishers that are looking to navigate the brave new world of the cross-screen consumer. View Less

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Evan Krauss VP, Emerging Solutions PubMatic
Ben Skolnik Senior Director, Platform Solutions PubMatic

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