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The winners of tomorrow won’t be those who seek out incremental change. They will be pioneers who aim to fundamentally reinvent today’s experiences.

In this panel we will hear from early digital pioneers who will reflect on their path and provide inspiration and coaching to the next generation of innovators. And because change is happening as we speak we’ll also hear from the rebels currently breaking the mold. They’ll discuss inspirations, current challenges and what they believe to be untapped opportunities.

Pioneers new and old are dealing with an increasingly fast pace of change. Re-invention is key for these individuals and also for advertising, media and entertainment companies that dominate the market. These companies are in a constant battle to innovate and remain relevant for their customers. We will take the learnings from the panel of pioneers and apply them more broadly to help address the challenges that these businesses face today. View Less

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Russell Sapienza Partner, Entertainment, Media & Communications Advisory PwC
David Grant Founder and President POPSUGAR Studios
Jonathan Simpson-Bint Chief Revenue Officer TwitchTV
Robert Levitan co-Founder iVillage (1995), Live
Marc Ecko Founder / Chief Brand Officer Complex

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