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The long-predicted OTT and D2C world has arrived. While 2015 has been a year of expansion and experimentation, with an increasingly crowded marketplace characterized by players jockeying for position, where will the industry go from here? Will 2016 be the year of rationalization and consolidation, separating the few from the many? Amidst this frenzy of activity, all participants in the value chain - pure- play OTT players, broadcasters, telcos, content companies, and advertisers – are facing more questions than answers.

This panel will discuss some of these key questions, such as:

What will the ‘new’ video bundle look like – a random scattering of OTT offerings, or a more coherent collection centered around a cable or satellite pay-TV subscription?

What role will advertising play in an increasingly subscription-based OTT world?

How long will consumers be happy to pay for a disparate collection of video services before demanding – and being willing to pay for – renewed integration? Which players are poised to be the next generation of “integrators”?

How will the tension between authenticated viewing models versus subscription and ad-supported business models be resolved? Which model will “win”?

How will video offerings adapt for mobile-first audiences and mobile-device driven viewing?

How should content production and distribution companies best align their operating models for OTT? View Less

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Christopher Vollmer Partner Strategy&, a PwC member firm
Peter Naylor SVP, Advertising Sales Hulu
Kenny Gersh EVP, Business MLB Advanced Media
Frank Besteiro VP, Business Development & Partnerships for Video AOL

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