Will Platt-Higgins

Will is the Vice President, Global Account Partnerships for Facebook, he leads a team of people across the world to partner with brand marketers and their agencies, enabling them to maximize the business and brand-building potential of the Facebook platform in harness with other channels and help them scale and reapply success.

Prior to Facebook, Will led P&G’s multi-billion dollar global Hair and Air-care businesses at WPP\\\'s GREY Global Group as the BAL (Brand Agency Leader). Will also worked as EVP at Saatchi & Saatchi in London and New York, for 15 years, working with Coca-Cola, General Mills, Miller Coors, Delta Airlines, EMI, UBS and Procter & Gamble. These experiences then led him to become a EVP at GREY Global Group running global business.

He is based in New York with his wife and two small children.

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