Dan Digmann

Dan and Jennifer Digmann demonstrate two very different faces of Multiple Sclerosis. Jennifer and Dan both have MS and combined have taken on this chronic illness for more than 30 years.

Jennifer was diagnosed in 1997; Dan was diagnosed in 2000. She has secondary-progressive MS and no longer walks, he has relapsing-remitting MS and still is training to run in 5K races. They met at a National MS Society event in 2002, were married in 2005 and are continuing to live happily ever after.

Since they were married, Dan and Jennifer both earned their graduate degrees from Central Michigan University on Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, the city that they call home. They also co-wrote the book, “Despite MS, to Spite MS,” maintain an award-winning blog, serve as District Activist Leaders for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Michigan Chapter, and have shared their story in cities throughout the United States.

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