Neil Riddell

Neil leads CP+B’s Product/Brand Invention group in developing new agency-owned brands and partnership opportunities. CP+B’s product development partnerships include the prospering bike-sharing system B-Cycle, the environmentally minded mechanic brand Green Garage, and the award winning spirit brands – Angel’s Envy Bourbon and the Hemingway inspired Papa\\\'s Pilar Rum. The success of these ventures has now led an expansion into other categories like lifestyle/fashion brands as well as the tech sector. Neil has been with CP+B for nearly 17 years and founded the product innovation group in 2007. Depending on the project and company, Neil’s role in the group goes from being an executive creative director for product and experiential design, to being involved in brand strategies, patent writing and research and development. Neil is an industrial designer who studied art direction at the Miami Ad School and also holds a degree in International Finance & Marketing from the University of Miami.

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