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What needs to change in targeting? How do you combat content-exhausted audiences and improve their experience? People want "good" content, so how does the industry respond? Digital Content Next CEO Jason Kint will bring together agency creatives, marketers and publishers to discuss creativity in advertising, from better ads to better experiences.

The buzz word this year is ad blocking, dethroning native and bringing a new set of issues and conflicting opinions to our industry. High-quality digital content companies, a large portion represented by Digital Content Next, need to continue to lead the charge and conversation on premium ad experiences.

Great ads get talked about, tweeted and shared. They get their own morning show segments and rack up views on YouTube. What's the difference? Agencies certainly don't approach a creative challenge hoping to produce non-engaging work. But, what conversations are they having to replicate relevancy in digital ads?

DCN CEO Jason Kint will moderate a panel of industry experts to discuss overcoming ad blocking with smart, compelling experiences. View Less

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Shenan Reed President Digital, NA MEC
Jen Soch EVP Commercial Delivery Guardian News & Media
Linda Yaccarino Chairman, Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships NBCUniversal
Lisa Topol Executive Creative Director Grey
Jason Kint CEO Digital Content Next

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