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As today’s top tier talent TRANSFORM before our eyes, how are brands keeping up and transforming right back?

Talent and Content, as it intersects with entertainment and brands, has become a fascinating but treacherous jungle. That’s at least in part because we’re witnessing a transformation paradox. Hollywood is going Madison Avenue. YouTube stars are going Hollywood. Can celebrities become both content creators and spokespersons for brands, and if so how are brands leveraging this new paradigm shift??

Join Ketchum Sports & Entertainment's Marcus Peterzell as we explore the next generation of marrying branded content with the world of entertainment and hear trade secrets from transformative stars including Hollywood icon Meg Ryan, Hollywood director/Grammy Award winning writer Robert Gordon and social media phenom Logan Paul.
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Marcus Peterzell EVP, Entertainment Ketchum
Logan Paul Creator
Meg Ryan Actress/Director
Robert Gordon Writer, Producer, Director

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