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As the leaders of the ad world continue to debate whether gender equity is really an issue, over 500 ad women spoke up via the 3% Movement's "Elephant on Madison Avenue" Survey. Hear the results presented for the very first time and a panel discussion about ways industry leaders are trying to create more female-friendly cultures.

Nothing tells a story better than a story. And boy did the women of adland have a lot to say in response to The 3% Movement’s “Elephant on Madison Avenue” survey about sexism and gender bias in the industry.

Here’s just a sampling of unedited responses from The 3% Movement's July survey:

“I once started a list to note how many times their dicks were mentioned in a day. It was..a lot.”

“It's exhausting. To love what you do, to know in your heart that you're good at it, but to have to fight tooth and nail to be allowed to excel at it.”

“I’m making $15K less than my male counterpart and I’m doing 90% of the work.”

“They think I’m the chill girl who gets it. No, I’m the normal girl who buries it.”

“The fact that that shit is still happening is infuriating!"

Come hear the full survey results and listen to some of the most respected leaders in our industry for inspiration and solutions. View Less

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Kat Gordon Founder The 3% Movement
Laura Fegley Executive Creative Director Colle McVoy
Sarah Hofstetter CEO 360i
Lisen Stromberg COO The 3% Movement
Richard Guest President, North American Operations Tribal Worldwide
Shannon Washington Senior Creative Director INVNT

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