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This panel explores the rise of the Consciousness Economy™, which is a new and growing economy of consciously driven products and companies coupled with rising consumer demands that advertising messages reject fear and same based marketing. Spanning fashion, health, beauty, food, beverage and retail, this growing economy crosses all demographics. Hear from the brands and individuals who are leading the way and learn key insights about this growing economy and how your brand can participate.

A movement that is driven by a rising awareness of consumers who both embrace technological connectivity, and strive to disconnect, the Consciousness Economy™ is the result of an evolving mindset and heightened sense of social consciousness. To live well, facilitate positive change and continually strive for a higher sense of purpose. From sustainability to organics and social good to socially conscious communications and advertising, this growing economy has implications for ALL marketers as it represents a fast growing consumer population who care more about what they put in and on their bodies and how impacts the world around them. They have a heightened awareness of the power of the messages surrounding them and the impact of these on their overall well being. View Less

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Jessica Joines CEO JLJ Marketing
Eric Hudson CEO Preserve
Joey Dumont CRO eEcosphere
Sue Jacobs Director of Marketing Wild Planet Foods
Michele Petruzziello Lead of Fashion Luxury and Lifestyle Industries World Economic Forum
Brandie Young Managing Partner Marketing TBD

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