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Not so long ago, most of us made sure our location settings were turned off. But now, people are turning them back on. Why? Because location technology has become one of the best parts about our phones. Our mobile devices can use location to track our preferences, and use those preferences to tailor the user experience. But consumers aren't alone -- marketers, too, are leveraging location to connect to the online and offline experiences of the user.

Connecting on and offline behaviors has been a challenge for marketers, but new data sources are available to help marketers close the loop. From location data to purchase insights, marketers have many options to understand the effectiveness of their campaigns. Hear from leading edge marketers and technologists as they share how these new data sources can be the key to connecting on and offline behaviors.

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Martin Swant Staff Writer ADWEEK
Dani Cushion CMO Cardlytics
Greg Fox CRO GasBuddy
Michael Hayes CRO, CMO UberMedia
Scott Marden CMO Captivate
Andrew Sriubas Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning & Development OUTFRONT Media

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