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Trust is perhaps our most precious commodity. It's at the center of just about everything that matters, from the relationships between agencies, brands and consumers and it fuels debate on the tech-driven "Holy Grail" promise of true one to one marketing. In the broader arena, trust is the oil which is greasing the engines of both Presidential campaigns. In 2016, one issue has risen above all others and it's the centerpiece of the Trust Forum . . . Transparency.


Perhaps the most important news in the advertising industry this year has been the release of ANA’s much-anticipated reports on media transparency. The “investigative” report from K2 Intelligence revealed that non-transparent business practices were found to be pervasive in a sample of the U.S. media ad-buying ecosystem. The follow-up report from ANA and Ebiquity/FirmDecisions offered recommendations to address transparency issues for advertisers and the industry overall. This session will provide a “cliff notes” summary of both reports, with an emphasis on suggested action steps for advertisers as well as implications for the industry overall.
Bill Bruno CEO, North America, Ebiquity
Bill Duggan Group EVP, ANA
Ben Jankowski SVP, Global Media, MasterCard
Tony Pace Founder, Cerebral Graffiti
Julian J. Moore, Esq. Senior Managing Director, K2 Intelligence


It reads like a Tom Clancy thriller. Back room deals. Offshore operating companies. Multiple entities to hide cash, free media and "consulting" contracts. Little has rocked agency-land more in the last year than the ANA's campaign to shine a bright light on non-transparent practices exercised by agencies upon clients. The ANA says the practice cuts across TV to OOH to digital media and from traditional buying to data-driven programmatic.

In June, New York Post’s Page Six said "Bob Liodice may want to think about bringing a food taster with him if he decides this week to attend Cannes Lions." Now with the ANA's recommended best practices, is it simply caveat emptor for advertisers? Or can there be enough trust to put the "agent" back into "ad agency"?

A wide ranging discussion between the ANA change-maker and a programmatic old-hand on finding what's good and charting a path forward that creates the greatest value.
Bob Liodice CEO, ANA
Jay Sears SVP Marketplace Development, Rubicon Project

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Bill Bruno CEO, North America Ebiquity
Bill Duggan Group EVP ANA
Ben Jankowski SVP, Global Media MasterCard
Tony Pace Founder Cerebral Graffiti
Julian J. Moore, Esq. Senior Managing Director K2 Intelligence
Bob Liodice CEO ANA
Jay Sears SVP Marketplace Development Rubicon Project

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