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Offering credit and debit cardmembers access to thousands of events annually, Citi’s Private Pass program is consistently striving to bring fans closer to the artists they love. And, as technology evolves, it’s allowing the brand to push the boundaries of the very meaning of access beyond attendance.

From virtual reality experiences to cashless payments at festivals, Citi and long-time partner Live Nation are redefining the next-gen fan experience.

Hugh McIntyre, Music Contributor at Forbes, will talk to Jennifer Breithaupt, Managing Director, Media, Advertising and Global Entertainment at Citi and Darin Wolf, EVP of Media and Sponsorship at Live Nation, on the evolution of bands and brands, how technology is playing an ever-growing role, and what’s on the horizon.

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Darin Wolf EVP of Media and Sponsorship Live Nation
Hugh McIntyre Music Contributor Forbes
Jennifer Breithaupt Managing Dir., Media, Advtsg., Global Ent. Citi

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