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Being brave is the secret to bolder marketing leadership. Being brave means asking uncomfortable questions. It means saying what needs to be said. It means being curious and always seeking out opportunities. Being brave is the key to bolder marketing leadership. Join us as we take a candid look at the key characteristics of successful leadership in today’s brave new world. Not for the timid.

Three speakers with three perspectives on being brave. The industry perspective from Aline Santos, Executive VP global marketing, Unilever on ‘unstereotyping’, a new initiative that is transforming the way we see women. The personal perspective from Alison Orsi – VP campaign and marketing, IBM on championing difference and how she introduced a new way of working through agile methodology. The educational perspective from author Thomas Barta who has conducted research to conclude how brave we can be at work without getting fired. This is how we learn to become better, bolder marketers. View Less

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Aline Santos Farhat EVP, Global Marketing Unilever
Alison Orsi VP, Campaign Marketing IBM
Thomas Barta Author, The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader
Gemma Greaves Global Managing Director The Marketing Society

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